Aims and Objectives:

  1. Asia Pacific Association of Technology and Society (APATAS) is the key forum for exchange and dialogue on the ever changing natures of modern technology and society across the Asia Pacific;
  2. Generate new knowledge, working models, approaches and strategies on the understanding of effects (positive or negative) between modern technology and society;
  3. Initiate collaborative networks for the development of understanding between modern technology and society in both the local and global contexts.

To achieve these aims, Asia Pacific Association of Technology and Society has laid out 4 clear objectives:

(i)  Promote the understanding of issues between modern technologies and society in communities, school, institutions and society at large.

(ii) Generate public awareness and share knowledge of the latest development in modern technologies that affect the society at large.

(iii) Facilitate and share collaboration among academic institutions, research institutes or associations, schools, NGOs, public organizations both local and overseas and the society at large in understanding the effects of modern technologies on society.

(iv) Undertake academic research on those issues that relate to and or affect modern technologies and society to facilitate learning and better understanding on these complex issues in society at large.


APATAS is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. The Association is governed by an Executive Board composed of leading business people, academics, technologists, technology practitioners and professionals from all around the world who possess a wide variety of skills and experience.

The Secretariat:

The APATAS Secretariat is located in Hong Kong, and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of all enquiries referred to APATAS. The APATAS Secretariat handles the administration and provides support, and logistical services for all APATAS activities.

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APATAS is open to anyone who is interested in technology and society.  By joining APATAS, you will join a network of academic and industry practitioners, and enjoy a discount at APATAS events.

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