Community & Impact

Year 2013: International Conference on Cybercrime and Computer Forensic (ICCCF) was inaugurated in Hong Kong, providing a great platform for both social scientists and technologists from around the world to share their latest research on the social impact of technology on society. With this in mind, a book was published in early fall 2015 by Palgrave MacMillan. The ICCCF2013 Hong Kong also received good coverage from both local and overseas print media alike, thus increasing the awareness of cyber-security issues within the society.


Year 2014: ICCCF was held in Taipei, Taiwan, impacted locally by way of a talk at a secondary school, which inspired some senior high school students to embark on a journey to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to study computer science with a focus on cyber-security. At the same-time, ICCCF2014 Taipei impacted Taipei locally by increasing their cyber-security awareness through wide coverage local language print media. Equally important was that APATAS made social scientists and technologists in Taiwan realize they both could share a platform together, speaking on same wavelength, and reduce the costs of cybercrime on their society.

In the same year, International Forum on Mobile Technology and Application (IFMTA) was inaugurated in Hong Kong with great impact both locally and internationally.  PayPal was major sponsor for the forum.


Year 2015: ICCCF2015 was held in Macau, although on a smaller scale than the previous years.  Nevertheless, the impact on cyber-security was as great before. With ICCCF2016 Vancouver, APATAS is confident that the impact on the local community in North America will reach new heights. In early fall 2015, the book ‘Cybercrime Risks and Response: Eastern and Western Perspectives was finally published,  The Book went on sale globally on 14 October 2015 and in a short period of time the Amazon online book shop was out of stock.

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