Cybercrime in the Pandemic Digital Age and Beyond, 11-12 July 2022

Thank you for all your support. The conference was completed successfully. The following is a recap of the event.

Date: 11-12 July 2022

Venue: Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre Ltd, Eleanor Harrald Building, Lot Fourteen, Frome Road, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000, Australia.  Option for virtual attendance available.

Hotel Accommodation: Crowne Plaza Adelaide.  The hotel is only 3 min walk from A3C. A special rate of AUD215 including GST has been negotiated with the hotel.  You can book direct with the hotel through the link (will take you direct to the hotel booking page for the conference).


Day 1: 11 July 2022
Chair: Professor Russell Smith
09:30Opening address
by Hon Dr Susan Close, Deputy Premier of South Australia and the Minister for Climate, Environment and Water; Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science; and Minister for Defence and Space Industries.
Introductory remarks
10:00Professor Russell G Smith, Flinders University, Emeritus Professor Rick Sarre, University of South Australia, Dr Lennon Yao-Chung Chang, Monash University and Dr Laurie Lau, Asia Pacific Association of Technology and Society, Hong Kong –
Introduction: Cybercrime during and following the coronavirus pandemic
10:45Professor Jill Slay AM, University of South Australia SmartSat Professorial Chair in Cybersecurity –
Pandemics and illegal manipulation of digital technologies – examining cause and effect in a time of COVID-19.
Nature and extent of the problem
11:45Professor Monica Whitty, Monash University –
The human element of online consumer scams arising from the coronavirus pandemic
12:45Dr Lennon Yao-Chung Chang, You ZHOU and Duc Phan HUY, Monash University –
Virtual kidnapping: Online scams with "Asian Characteristics" during the pandemic
13:45Lunch Break
14:30Professor Hedi Nasheri, Kent State University –
Intellectual property infringement in pandemics: Risks for the future.
15:30Professor Michael Levi, Cardiff University –
Pandemics and fraud – Learning from the coronavirus pandemic and its antecedents
16:30Close Day 1 and Tea-break (16:30 – 16:55pm)
Day 2: 12 July 2022
Responses to the problem
Chair: Emeritus Professor Rick Sarre
08:30Professor Jonathan Clough, Monash University –
Responding to transnational cybercrimes in a post-COVID world
09:30Dr Marcus Smith, Associate Professor, Charles Sturt University –
Domestic laws governing post-pandemic crime and criminal justice
10:30 - 10:45Tea-break
10:45Associate Professor Jeremy Prichard, University of Tasmania and Professor Richard Wortley, Department of Security and Crime Science, University College London –
Online messaging as a cybercrime prevention tool in the post-pandemic age
11:30Dr Carolyn McKay, University of Sydney Law School –
Digital criminal courts: the space or place of (post-)pandemic justice
12:30Lunch Break
13:15Dr Laurie Lau, Asia Pacific Association of Technology and Society –
Artificial intelligence solutions to cybercrime following the coronavirus pandemic
14:00Professor Rob McCusker, Adjunct Associate Professor, Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security, Charles Sturt University; Senior Partner (Compliance), Strategic Swiss Partners AG, Zurich –
The nature and threat of insurance fraud in a post-pandemic digital environment: Mitigating the perfect storm
15:00Emeritus Professor Rick Sarre, University of South Australia –
Perspectives on policing cybercrime following the pandemic
16:00Associate Professor Sanja Milivojevic, Bristol Digital Futures Institute, University of Bristol –
Digital frontier technologies, COVID-19, and crime: A new threat in risky times?
Concluding Remarks
17:00Professor Russell G Smith, Flinders University, Emeritus Professor Rick Sarre, University of South Australia, Dr Lennon Chang, Monash University and Dr Laurie Lau, Asia Pacific Association of Technology and Society, Hong Kong –
How technology can minimise health and crime risks in pandemics of the future
17:30Close Day 2

Registration fees in Australian dollars:

Full attendance in person:$100 plus GST (10%) per person for both days, excluding dinner (included 3 teabreaks, lunch)
Conference dinner:$100 per person, plus GST (10%)
Virtual attendance only:$50 per person, Plus GST (10%)


  1. Registration fees and dinner costs – waived for Non-authors who attend in person who provide written referee reports on all presentations within 14 days
  2. We limit to max 100 pax in person attendance.

Conditions and terms for registration, all registrant by way of clicking and register through the registration hyperlink is agreed to:

  1. All participants agree to comply with all regulations relating to COVID-19 as directed by the Australian Department of Health (, and SA Health ( and any other authorities as required. All participants accept responsibility for adhering to these regulations, acknowledging that failure to comply may result in penalties including but not limited to government-issued fines and termination of any agreements and in relation to those events no liability can be attached to the organisers. In the event that the State Government announces a lockdown that results in participants not being able to attend in-person, or the Australian Government imposes border restrictions, all participants acknowledge that no liability will be attached to APATAS, A3C, or the organisers for any financial consequences to participants.
  2. Should the conference be undertaken solely by video conferencing, authors and delegates agree to participate online and agree to be responsible for any expenses that cannot be recovered due to the cancellation of the in-person conference.


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