Cybercrime in the Pandemic Digital Age and Beyond

Cybercrime in the Pandemic Digital Age and BeyondThis edited collection presents current research dealing with crime involving information and communications technologies in the months immediately before, during and following the coronavirus pandemic since 2019.  Information and communications technologies played a pivotal role during the pandemic in communicating information across the globe on the risks and responses to the pandemic but also in providing opportunities for various forms of illegality.  This volume describes the nature and extent of such illegality, its connection to the pandemic and how digital technologies can assist in solving not only the health crisis but also the associated crime problems.  It identifies technological solutions to cybercrime, legislative responses, crime prevention initiatives and policy discussions dealing with most critical issues present during and following the pandemic.



This book is edited by:

Russell G Smith is professor at Flinders University, South Australia

Rick Sarre is Emeritus Professor at the University of South Australia

Lennon Yao-Chung Chang is Associate Professor at Deakin University, Australia

Laurie Yiu-Chung Lau is Chairman at the Asia Pacific Association of Technology and Society, Hong Kong

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