Plenary Speaker

Enaam Ahmed Ali

Ms Enaam Ahmed Ali

As a young Muslim woman, Enaam Ahmed Ali is standing out amongst her peers as a techs nerd, she not only committed to her faith, but at the same time as a serial entrepreneur and business strategy consultant. She has started ventures in e-commerce and the world of start-up incubation. Enaam also consults companies in matters of strategy especially with regards to the Muslim target group and how to attract this group as a customer within Europe without pushing away other target groups. 

 In August 2017 she joined the US startup Mark Labs as Chief Strategy Officer. Mark Labs specializes in collecting and quantifying social impact data. We help corporations know where their CSR budgets are being used for and what social good they are creating in real time. Using the blockchain and AI we automate this to the fullest extent possible.

Topic:  The future of tech for Muslim Women and Security



With a tech industry that predominately male (& white in Europe and the US), it is hard for any other minority to find its way into the industry. And if we talk about Muslims and especially Muslim Women they are rarer than rare elements.

Muslim women give a unique insight into tech and their contribution is valuable for the companies that could employ them and their contributions to the Islamic World.

During this talk, we will discuss the journey of women in Tech and especially Muslim women, both in the field of B2C and B2B. We will touch upon the challenges & hurdles keeping them from entering the industry, the importance of diversity and the value these women create. And we will dive into the experiences Mrs. Ahmed Ali has had both in her own business and as part of Mark Labs.

Finally, we will talk about the importance of technology for the Islamic world and the importance of tech security for companies & especially countries.

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