July 1, 2018 (Sunday)18:30-21:00Registration & Cocktail Reception
July 2, 2018 (Monday)08:00Registration
08:30Opening Ceremony
08:30-08:45Welcome Speech by Chief Minister of Penang - Mr Lim Guan Eng (tbc)
08:45-08:55Welcome Speech by Commissioner of Police (tbc)
08:55-09:00Welcome Speech by Vice Chancellor of USM (tbc)
09:00-09:55Keynote 1
10:00-10:20Coffee Break
10:25-11:25Parallel Session 1A
Parallel Session 1B
Parallel Session 1C
11:25-12:15Parallel Session 2A
Parallel Session 2B
Parallel Session 2C
13:15-14:10Plenary or Keynote 2
14:15-15:15Parallel Session 3A
Parallel Session 3B
Parallel Session 3C
15:15-15:30Coffee Break
15:30-16:30Parallel Session 4A
Parallel Session 4B
Parallel Session 4C
(Doors open 18:45)
Public Forum
(venue tbc)
July 3, 2018 (Tuesday)08:15-09:00Registration
09:00-09:55Plenary or Keynote 3
11:00-11:15Coffee Break
13:45-16:35The Amazing George Town (a fun activity for delegates to explore the UNESCO World Heritage site George Town)
18:30-22:30Gala Dinner (venue tbc)
July 4, 2018 (Wednesday)08:30-09:00Registration
09:00-09:55Plenary or Keynote 4
10:00-11:00Parallel Session 5A
Parallel Session 5B
Parallel Session 5C
11:00-11:15Coffee Break
11:15-12:15Parallel Session 6A
Parallel Session 6B
Parallel Session 6C
13:15-14:15Plenary or Keynote 5
14:15-15:15Parallel Session 7A
Parallel Session 7B
Parallel Session 7C
15:15-15:30Coffee break
15:30-16:30Parallel Session 8A
Parallel Session 8B
Parallel Session 8C
16:30-17:00Closing (APATAS and USM)

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