IFMTA 2016

IFMTA 2016

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We are very sad to hear that King Bhumibol Adulyadej had passed away and had decided to postpone IFMTA 2016 until further notice.



International Forum on Mobile Technology and Applications 2016, Bangkok

Date:    18 & 19 November 2016

Venue: Bangkok

Theme: Exploit the Full Potential of Mobile Technology and Applications, contribution from South East Asia

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The Forum on mobile technology and applications is a new cross-discipline that covers the science and mobile technology and applications needed to bridge the gap between mobile services and IT/telecommunication. The goal of IFMTA is to develop a platform to discuss and disseminate information on mobile technology and applications and thereby enable more advanced IT/telecommunication services to support mobile services more efficiently and effectively.

IFMTA 2016 is an important forum for researchers and industry practitioners to exchange information regarding advancements in the state of art and practice of mobile technology and applications- especially driven business services and application services, as well as to identify emerging research topics and define the future directions of mobile technology and applications.

As the theme of the previous IFMTA forum held in Hong Kong 2014, we posed the question “are we ready?” The answer from our participants was an unequivocal “YES”. After the 2014 Forum, one witnesses the continuing penetration of mobile technology into everyday life. With the ambition to make ubiquitous connections among all things as in Internet Of Things, more wearable devices and ever-higher speed of connections, we believe there are still more potential to be exploited in mobile technology. Thomas Friedman in his bestselling book suggests that the world will become flat and a level playing field for everyone. As we expect to be connected constantly and in all activities, a flat world has become a reality. We ask the participants of the 2016 Forum to share their thoughts on this from both technology and application perspectives. As the 2nd forum in the increasingly popular series, IFMTA 2016 expects to attract outstanding researchers from all over the world to Bangkok, Thailand and continues to establish the status of IFMTA as one of the major forums on mobile technology and applications in Asia Pacific.

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