APATAS people Create. Members of Asia Pacific Association of Technology and Society are regarded as leaders in what they do.  They help people communicate through their in-depth understanding of the power of the connection between modern technology and society, and they create and deliver dialogue, vision and expertise. Together, as a society at large, we become better a place.

APATAS people Connect. APATAS people are part of the world’s largest community of technology and society specialists working together locally and globally.

APATAS people Learn. With a growing range of dedicate forums, APATAS people are the most professional and knowledgeable in their profession.

APATAS people Inspire. By working together hand in hand, sharing and exchanging ideas, and sharing best practices, APATAS people continually inspire others, both inside and outside by identifying the powerful connection between technology and society.



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When APATAS People share, collaborate, meet and learn together, marvellous things happen for them and their professional life. If you want to join APATAS and connect with others both locally and globally, to succeed and be proud of what you do, APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP NOW!

APATAS is open to anyone who is interested in exploring and sharing ideas on technology and its impact on our society.

As members, you will enjoy special discounts when attending events hosted by APATAS.

Join APATAS as a member and take part in our activities to explore the hot topic issues pertaining to technology and society.

READ MORE on APATAS terms and regulations for members.


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